from Macedonia with love

As soon as I got the call I knew that I wanted to bring them to Macedonia; Not because I knew exactly what I would do, or how it would look, it just felt like the only way to go.

I remember playing football in one of the huge fields with a small house made out of stone and cement... not knowing that the grandmother in that very house was curing a little girls fears as we were aggressively chasing the ball. like a wolf pack. As you know, there were many grandmas like this, and each had her own ritual— dancing with silver spoons over your eyes, milking goats at the ruins at night, throwing salt over your head. Everyone was always so amazed by our traditions and culture... I want to take them where we made fire, the flooded church and all the fields... Places where these rituals would take place. If they are lucky, they might even see a little boy walking a dog twice the size of him down the bumpy road. I think grandfather’s goats would like to part take in as-well, together with all of you? Anyhow, we will talk more as soon as I arrive.


Performances by Dragica Naumovska, Zorica Zdravkovska, Marija Angelovska, Mari Janeva, Philip Atanasov, Borjan Ristovski, Elena Zdravkovska, Andrea Ida Atanasovska, Angelina Euler, Teodora Angelevska, Tea Petrushevska, Olgica Naumovska, Biljana Novakovska Samuel Madsen, King, Cece, Silvana

Photography and Creative Direction by Viktor Naumovski

Styled by Indiana Roma Voss

Assisted by Sammy Oortman Gerlings

Makeup and Hair by Vase Dokovski

Special thanks to Vila Ina, Ljupco Naumovski, Tomislav Cvetanovski and Jordan